Hourly Rates
Rates are subject to change without notice. Posted rates are for informational purposes only and will vary depending on availability, special item handling, holidays, size of a truck and number of movers needed.
2 men & truck
3 men & truck
4 men & truck
Discounted RateMonday - Thursday
Standard RateWeekends, first 2 & last 3 days of the month
Peak RateNational holidays & peak moving days
LONG DISTANCEServicing Lower 48 States

Hourly local residential rates are applicable to any move within 100 miles from Boston. Time starts when movers arrive to the pick up location and ends when movers leave. We do charge for Travel Time – this is the time it takes us to drive to the pick up location from our warehouse and a back to our warehouse after move is complete. There is 30 minutes minimum charge for Travel Time, if your pick up and drop off location is within Boston, Brookline,Brighton, Allston, Cabridge, Somerville, Medford, Chelsea, East Boston, Winthrop, South Boston and Dorchester. Travel Time to all other cities and and towns will be calculated from 02127 zip by google maps. Fuel and tolls are included in hourly rate. We do have 2.5 hours minimum policy for labor, plus travel time for local moves only.

Long Distance Move – is any move that is over 100 miles from pick up location to drop off location or to our warehouse which is calculated from 02127 zip. All long distance moves charges consist of two parts:1)Long Distance Fee which includes: fuel, tolls, cargo insurance, lodging (if distance in over 700 miles). 2)Loading and unloading fee – it is on the hourly basis and there is 4 hours minimum – 2 hours for loading and 2 hours for unloading. For example – If your move takes 2 hours to load and 1 hour to unload, you will be billed for 4 hours plus long distance fee.

What’s included: Local and Long Distance Moves that are charged by the hour include – furniture disassembly and re-assembly, blanket rental, tape(to wrap furniture in blankets) and shrink wrap if needed. If you are planning to store your belongings in the storage – we offer “Storage Wrapping” consisting of thick paper padding and shrink wrap. Furniture wrapping paper will incur additional charge.

Extra Charges: Pianos, Washers, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi or any item over 250 lbs – will incur additional charge. Any oversized item that requires special handling such as hoisting through the window or a roof top – will incur additional charge. If you move requires a 48ft or 53ft moving trailer and your location is not Tractor-Trailer accessible – shuttle fee will be applied. Shuttle fee is calculated by local rates of available rental agencies such as: Ryder, Penske, Budget etc.

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